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94 Ford Escort GT


After - Forza black cloth

After - TRS gray cloth

Customer Testimony - taken directly from a post to the Escort GT mailing list.

"The seat in the picture is the Forza race bucket, in black cloth. Great seat and fairly comfortable, but a bit of a pain to get in and out on a daily driver. I had the factory 3-point seat belt fed through 2 of the slots in the seat. Functionally it worked great, but it was inconvenient especially on short trips. My wife wasn't crazy about it either. If I was doing more SOLO and I was the only one driving the car, I would have definitely kept the Forza. Man, going around a turn in that seat felt amazing! You felt like you were part of the car!

I just swapped in the TRS yesterday afternoon so the new pic should be up soon. The TRS I got is grey cloth and it matches the interior very well. I'm probably going to get the passenger side as well, like the guy with the red ZX2. The guys at Seats4cars were great and very helpful. Anyone else interested, follow this link:

Eric "


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