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Item Qty Description Unit price Total
HSCB   All cloth black only $ 1,395  
HSVB   Leatherette (simulated leather, black)
$ 1,395
HSVL   Leather face (black)
$ 1,895
HSAL   All leather (black)
$ 2,195
Lumbar   Inflatable lumbar support
$ 149
Logo   Embossed or embroidered company logo
Merchandise Total  
Shipping (Canada only) $ 180
Handling $ 35
Home Delivery (any house/Apt.) $ 50
Total Amount USD$  

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We're sorry, but due to the size and weight if the items we are unable to use the usual courier's such as UPS, Fed-Ex, etc. Shipments to home addresses require an additional charge of $50 no exceptions. Shipments to a business location do not. Destinations such as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico require additional shipping charges.

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Tel: (201) 828-9403
Fax: (646) 349-1703

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