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Custom Mounting Bracket Installation

The following instructions are common to most vehicles and are to be used as a general guide.  Some applications may vary slightly.

1) Start by pulling back carpeting to leave a clear floor pan if necessary.

2) Using a socket or adjustable wrench, remove the bolts holding your factory bracket to the floor (retain for later use).

HINT!  Now is the time to disconnect any wires under seat for power equipment or side airbags.

3) Carefully remove old seat and bracket assembly. (Careful not to scratch your door jams or panels!)

HINT!  Leave protective wrapping on your new Corbeau seat until installation is complete to avoid damage.

4) Place the Corbeau seat on it's side and remove the pan head screws attached to the bottom of the seat using the supplied hex wrench. (Only 1 hex wrench is supplied and could be on the bottom of either seat)

5) Align the sliders attached to the custom mounting bracket over the holes on the bottom of the seat with the sliding lever at the front and start the screws (DO NOT FULLY TIGHTEN AT THIS TIME).

HINT!  Move the sliders forward and back to gain access to the holes on the sliders.

6) After starting all 4 screws, fully tighten them using the hex wrench.

7) Supporting the seat and bracket assembly, carefully lower it into the vehicle aligning the holes in the floor with the bracket holes.

8) Using the bolts retained from the removal of the old bracket, secure the Corbeau bracket assembly to the floor finger tight.

HINT!  Check alignment.  Seat should be lined up to center of vehicle.

9) Tighten bolts using socket wrench and double check all nuts, bolts and screws.

10) Remove protective wrapping from seat and enjoy!

If further assistance is required, please contact one of our bracket specialists by phone at (801) 255-3737.

Competition Mounting Bracket Instructions

These directions and parts list are specific to part# 22006.  These steps are similar to some brackets but may vary slightly from one application to another.

Remove existing seats and brackets from vehicle.  If possible pull back carpeting to leave a clear floor pan.
Attach four angle brackets to the straight bars and seat tracks as shown below, use eight 5/16" nuts and bolts. Be sure to use two bolts for each angle as shown to ensure no movement. You will need to slide brackets back and forth to gain access to holes on tracks (note: do not fully tighten bolts at this time).
Using the pan head screws that are attached to the bottom of the seat. Attach bracket to base of seat with sliding lever at the front. After starting all four screws, fully tighten them. If your vehicle is subject to severe vibration, Loctite is recommended. Now fully tighten the eight 5/16" bolts. This will make the assembly very rigid.
Support the seat and lower it to the floor of the vehicle, arrange the other four angle brackets to meet already assembled bracket. Whenever possible, use the existing floor pan holes and hardware. If it is not possible, you may have to drill into the floor pan.
Once all four angle brackets are lined up, use remaining eight 5/16" bolts to attach to bracket on seat. Check that seat is lined up to center of vehicle. Tighten remaining bolts and double check all nuts, bolts, and screws.
Parts List:

1 pair seat sliders
8 angle brackets
2 straight bars
16 5/16" x 1" bolts
16 5/16" locking nuts



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